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The first thing we do is fix your current website. Then we develop a plan of attack. The best way to start is for us to run a current local SEO tools audit on your current setup. We then take that information and find out your weak spots and what you are missing in your current Search Engine Optimization plan. Costa Mesa Search Engine Experts will then set you on the path to regaining your rankings. We also will go over your competitors website and make sure that they are no longer taking away your clients.

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We are Google Certified Partners. That means that we will rebuild your internet marketing plan within the approved guidelines of Google. This will ensure that your rankings will move up naturally, this will guarantee that they stay there. Remaining at the top is the key to your future.

Looking for high quality SEO Services at an affordable price with no contract?

Honestly, it’s 2017. Top SEO companies should not be requiring a contract and for the most part, the only reason they are is for their benefit. As a client, you should never be under a contract unless you want to be. Many Search Engine Optimization marketing companies now will use contracts to take control of your website or force you to remain with them even if you aren’t seeing the results you should be.

Our Specialty is providing the best search engine marketing in Orange County!

We are small business specialists. The success of your website really just requires the proper roadmap. We evaluate every part of the process and correct any errors and bring your website to the proper level it needs to be. If you aren’t ranking, you are are losing business. Every day you delay, your competitor just moves further ahead of you. From social media marketing to local search engine optimization, we are a one stop shop for success.

Contracts, Contracts, Contracts should not be part of your search engine services

Hate to bang this drum on you. We do sign contracts but only at the client’s request. But for you as our client, these can be big trouble. Now a lot of companies do use them just to secure you for month to month work, but often, there are some hidden agendas in these contracts. And they are always slightly one-sided and guess whose side they favor? Yep.. the search engine company. Honestly, there really isn’t a needed reason for you to lock in your business with anyone at this point. It is of no advantage to you as a client. Make your online marketing company earn your money. It is 2017, there are plenty of options for you. In the search engine optimization services business, this is a sticky subject. But, at Costa Mesa Search Engine Optimization, if you are unhappy or feel we misrepresented things, you shouldn’t have to stay, not even a day longer.

Beware Of Companies Promising Instant Miracles

Google is more like a crockpot than a microwave. If you have a site that isn’t ranking or has a penalty attached to it, you won’t see any immediate leaps to top search engine listing position. Any search engine optimization company that says you will be top of the listings in less that 3 months, is lying to you. No Search Engine Optimization expert is going to guarantee faster results. Does it sometimes happen? Of course, but if they are offering a guarantee, I would imagine there is also a small little contract for you to sign and hopefully not read. Costa Mesa Search Engine Experts is the land of no contracts. The best organic search companies in Orange County should all offer the same.

Looking for Google Map Marketing?

Want to know the secret to ranking in the top 3 in the local organic search? Contact us today for all the top white hat strategies needed to dominate the Google rankings.

This is why Costa Mesa Search Engine Optimization doesn’t use contracts. No gimmicks, no weird plans. It isn’t necessary. If we can’t convince you that we are doing the best search engine optimization service for you, then you should leave. We explain everything and always answer your emails.

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Keyword Research

It is most important that your website ranks for the key terms associated with your business. That is what we will make sure of. You need to be relevant.


All we do is focus on your site. Your rankings are our business. We will make sure your site is on the path to top rankings. If you aren’t on the 1st page, your site is failing.

Social Media

An important social media presence is key to ranking your website. We will make sure your website is sending the correct message to your clients.

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We Are A Full Service Search Engine Optimization Firm

Search Engine Optimization is the key to staying in business. If you have terrible search ranks, your business is doomed to fail. Remember NO CONTRACTS. Use our expert SEO service, if you are unhappy, you can leave immediately. Be wary of any company asking for a contract.


We check your competition. Want to know who is stealing your traffic? We do.


You need to have organic traffic and the key to organic traffic is having great SEO.

SEO Tools

It is all we do. We make sure you rank. If you don’t rank than we have failed, and we haven’t failed yet.

Reputation Management

We make sure your good reviews stick, and manage your bad ones as best as possible. Let us fix any issues.

PPC Management

We are Google Certified PPC experts. We can manage your account and make sure you aren’t wasting money.

Local SEO

You must rank in the city of your business. Need Google Map Marketing?

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We offer no gimmicks, no pushy sales, no contracts.

We get results. If you aren’t happy, get rid of us.

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We make sure your message and service or product come across clearly.

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